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    09 Oct 2018

    Fire of London

    Today in Y2 we found out how long 'The Great Fire' lasted and why it spread so quickly. Ask your children all about it. We went outside and role played the fire spreading. We even had a go at putting the fire out!

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    02 Oct 2018

    Maths in KS1

    This week we have started a new unit of work on addition. We have been using lots of practical equipment, including numicon to make sums that total up to 10 and 20.


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    27 Sep 2018

    Welcome to Key Stage 1


    What a start to the new school year we have had in KS1!

    We have been very busy already and all teachers have been so impressed with the great attitude children have shown towards their learning so far.
    Children have started in their new RWI groups and should already be bringing home extra stories to read at home. In Maths we have been looking at the place value of numbers. We have also been comparing numbers using language like more, less, greater than and less than.
    We have been learning about The Great Fire of London as part of our history topic. Look out for our flames as the fire spreads down our corridor. Thank you to any parents that stopped and helped us bake bread. We are going to be busy writing instructions for this very soon.












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    25 Sep 2018

    Making flames

    In KS1 we are being historians finding out all about the fire of London - we know.....

    When it started

    Where it started 

    Who started it

    Why it started

    Ask your children to tell you all about it!!

    Today we have made flames to show how the fire spread so quickly.



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    25 Sep 2018

    Baking Bread in KS1

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