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    02 Feb 2017

    Science visitor

    Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to have a visitor from Sheffield University.  She brought with her a very special container...






    We then did a piece of writing about the afternoon. Here are two examples.




    Liquid Nitrogen School Experiment.

    At school, a visitor came in to tell us about Liquid Nitrogen! Liquid Nitrogen is Nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature and it is clear and colourless. It is approximately -196 degrees! When we saw the liquid it was amazing, we could barely even see the liquid. The only thing we could see was cold freezing steam. That happened because in the room, it was warm so the liquid was evaporating.

    When we moved on to the experiments, the first one was putting a Liquid Nitrogen on top of the balloon. When we put it on top, the balloon started to shrink! When we took the balloon out it looked like a plastic bag. But all of a sudden, the balloon started re-inflating! It was an amazing sight to see!

    The next experiment was putting a few little bits in the Liquid Nitrogen. The first thing was a rubber tube put in the liquid. It froze over and the visitor smashed it on the floor and it broke into pieces like a solid stick! We then put a rubber band in and it froze all over with frost.

    The last object we put in was a banana. When we put the banana in, the bottom of the banana froze! The next day, when we looked at it again, the place were the banana froze over was black!

    The final experiment was the 'coolest'! We got a bucket of ambient temperature water and the rest of the Liquid Nitrogen. And at last, we poured the Liquid Nitrogen into the bucket of water and........ A bunch of giant bubbles came out! It smelt like fruity shampoo. It was an amazing day of science! I wish it happened again. Liquid Nitrogen was an amazing thing to see!

    Written by Alisa Y5P

     Interesting Facts!

    Did you know? That if you immerse steel into Liquid Nitrogen for a few minutes you can take it out and break the steel into pieces like glass!

    If you put an alive fish in the liquid nitrogen for a few minutes, you can then take the fish out and it will be frozen! But if you put the fish back in the room temperature water, then the fish will come back to life! It happened because the fish are coldblooded. This is called anabiosis.




    And another example ...



    On Thursday 19th January 2017 Y5/6 were very lucky because a scientist from Sheffield University came. The lady, Professor Gehring, first talked to us about temperature in degrees and she chose some people to go up to the front and put some pictures up to show how hot and cold various things were compared to liquid nitrogen which is -196 degrees Celsius!

    First, the professor put a bike tube in the nitrogen and she then smashed into bits on the table. After that, she put some Daffodils in it and they went all crunchy. The teachers went around and let everyone feel them and it was quite cold. Then she put a banana in the nitrogen and we left it to see what would happen. Incredibly, she used the frozen banana to hammer in a frozen blu-tac nail!

    We left the banana till the next day and the bottom half had gone all black and soggy but this is because the professor only put half of the banana in the nitrogen.

    Also she poured a bit in some water and bubbles and it over-filled with some bubbles. Finally she put some in the jug and it went all icy on the outside. It was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed learning about liquid nitrogen.

    By Ameerah Y5P


    Here are some pictures of our afternoon
















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