Outdoor Provision

We have been working hard to develop our provision within our school grounds.


So far we have:


  • created a 332 metre cross country track
  • created small group work areas
  • created a full class seating area within the copse - making use of the trees as a natural shade
  • added picnic benches to give us somehwere to eat our lunch.


Below are some photos showing the grounds in various stages of development.

 (We are awaiting further images)



Here is a video of Mr Hayden completing a 'flying lap' of our cross country course to give you a view of our great grounds.

In the future we are hoping to add other things into the area including:

  • dedicated science area
  • wildlife camera traps - so we can see who we are sharing our grounds with
  • a further enhanced Outdoor and Adventerous area to allow us to further develop this part of the National Curriculum.