Anns Grove Games 2020 - Let the games commence!

Sunday 28 Jun 2020 21:54pm

Information about the 'Anns Grove Games 2020' and how to enter.

Welcome to the 'Anns Grove Games 2020' Unfortunately we can't be together this year to complete in our sports day so we are going to do the next best thing and compete virtually.  This is a class vs class competition so every score counts.  We are also having a parents and staff competition so everybody can be involved.

To be able to represent your class all you have to do is complete the 4 activities and upload your scores. You can do this as many times as you like - I will be using averages to finalise the results.

The children in school will also be taking part and uploading their scores.

I will upload video examples of the 4 activities as soon as possible.  Each activity lasts for 30 seconds.

Here are the instructions for the activities.

1. Speed bounce

Find a line (or anything you can jump over) and stand to one side of it on the floor.  You have 30 seconds to jump over the line as many times as possible.  Jumps must be completed 2 foot to 2 foot. Each completed jump earns 1 point.

2. Catching

Find something in your house which is easy to throw and catch.  You have 30 seconds to catch the object as many times as possible.  You can use 1 hand or 2 hands- it is up to you.  Each completed catch earns 1 point.  If you drop the object then pick it up and continue until your time is up.

3. Star jumps

Start with feet together and arms by your side. Jump to a star position and then back to the standing position.  Each completed star jump earns 1 point.  You have 30 seconds to do as many star jumps as possible.


4. Pass the object around the body

Find an object which is easily passed around the waist.  You have 30 seconds to pass it around as many times as possible. 1 point earned for each complete loop.  If you drop the object then pick it up and continue until the time is up.


Click here to submit your scores.