Here at Anns Grove we have a thriving PTA., with members from across the school and plus school staff.


What does it involve?

We meet every half term in the evening and discuss how we can best support the school with Fund Raising events or events for the families in our community; then a small amount of time and commitment through the year helping out at events and activities, it’s all good fun and a great way to contribute to your child’s school life and the local community.



How have we raised money this year?

  • Cake sale
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Secret Room
  • Discos
  • Family Sports Picnic
  • Sponsored walk

With your help this year we have raised almost £3000 so thank you to all of you: parents, carers, children and Anns Grove staff, who have been a part of that.

The Secret Room and Christmas Fayre raised £1085 in December 2018.

The autumn 2019 sponsored walk raised £1620.

The EYFS KS2 and KS2 have all been supplied with extra playtime equipment using money raised at these events.

If you are interested in joining please speak to Ann Farrar, Head of School or Amanda Moore, member of the PTA committee on 0114 255 0398.